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The impact of the Australia-China BRIDGE School Partnership Project at North Sydney Demonstration School (video) and Hosting a delegation for your sister school (text)
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We acknowledge the assistance of the following people in the preparation of these materials:

Dr Jane Orton, Director, Chinese Teacher Training Centre, University of Melbourne, Vic

Julia Gong, Confucius Institute and Asia Education Foundation, Vic

Karen Cain, Deputy Regional Director, South Eastern Region, Victorian DEECD

Kay McCullough, Vice Principal, Mentone Girls Grammar School, Mentone, Vic

Troy Pickard, Mayor, City of Joondalup, WA

Rick Connors, Wanganui Park Secondary College, Vic

Members of the international sections of the Education Departments in each state and territory

Members of the communities of:

Alkira Secondary College, Cranbourne, Vic. Bimbadeen Heights Primary School, Mooroolbark, Vic. Billanook Primary School, Montrose, Vic. Birmingham Primary School, Mt Evelyn, Vic. Don Valley Primary School, Don Valley, Vic. Mooroolbark College, Mooroolbark, Vic. Mt Lawley Senior High School, Mt Lawley, WA. Neerim District Secondary College, Neerim South, Vic. Northcote High School, Northcote, Vic. North Sydney Demonstration School, North Sydney, NSW. St Martin’s Lutheran College, Mt Gambier, SA. Upper Yarra Secondary College, Yarra Junction, Vic. Woodvale Secondary College, Woodvale, WA. Yellingbo Primary School, Yellingbo, Vic.

Other schools involved in AEF’s Australia-Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships

In Wujiang, Suzhou Province, China, members of the communities of:

Wujiang Experimental Primary School, Wujiang Luxiang Experimental Primary School, Wujiang Shengze Experimental Primary School, Wujiang Senior Middle School

Text: David McRae

Videos: Bayden Findlay, Findlay Films

Website: Media Saints

Captions and audio description: The Substation


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